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For the Birds - Published on Medium
19 Septiembre, 2015
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Getting Down to Business: Female Entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires - Published in the Argentina Independent. A portrait of BA's female entrepreneurs and how they cope with Argentine machismo.
16 Abril, 2012
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A Fond Farewell - Published in Hurlingham Polo Magazine. An obituary of Norita Heguy, Argentina's "mother of polo".
7 South American Night Trips - Published on the Daily Beast. 7 nocturnal experiences beyond South America's bars and clubs.
Drinks With Rodolfo Cutufia - Published in Zocalo Public Square. A profile of an incredible Buenos Aires taxi driver.
YALE UNIVERSITY THESIS - Paved with "Good" Intentions - How a missionary son helped pave the road for Hawaiian annexation. Winner of the Edwin W. Small Prize for outstanding Senior Essay in American History.